Thin for New York City

Alyssa. Eighteen. Texas born & raised. As a present to myself when I lose the weight, I will move to New York City <3

This is a thinspiration blog for no-one else other than myself. I hope with my story I can inspired others as they have done to me. -AG

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Day One

As promised, I weighed myself yesterday (Friday) morning. I weighed 296.6lbs. I lost two pounds since Wednesday morning. I don’t think this weigh in counts because I only started dieting & exercising yesterday. Either way, I plan on losing. NO GAINING. I saw that someone I followed does 10 pushups for every follower she gets. I think that’s the greatest idea EVER. So, I will start doing this. As a thank you for such a great idea, go follow her amazing blog at <3

Back to Day One. It was a lot harder than expected. Since none of my family is dieting and exercising with me, I am stuck eating at these horrible fatty sit-in restaurants. For example, after my morning shift I had to pick my brother up from school. The first thing that comes out of his mouth is “I’M HUNGRY. LET’S GO TO CICI’S”. For those of you who don’t know what Cici’s is, it’s an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. AND of course, my mom was okay with eating at such a place. I did a little research on my found and found that marinara is better than alfredo sauce and at all cost I need to avoid sausage & pepperoni as pizza toppings. Since I did not want to eat any bread on M/W/F/S, I just ate the cheese. After 5 slices, I was full. Thanks to drinking 2 full glasses of water before I ate :)

I was due back at work right after we finished. After 7 hours of labor, my friends & I headed to the only place that is open at midnight, in town called Buffalo Wild Wings (AKA Bdubs). EVERYTHING on the menu is fried except for the caesar salad. Since I wasn’t to hungry, I just got a 4oz piece of blackened chicken topped with lemon juice. DELISH. Since only my friend Yvonne knows I’m dieting, everyone else decided to order cheese sticks and mini corn dogs as an appetizer. Thanks to my awesome willpower, I denied every time something was offered.

The only thing I regret doing is not exercising during my ‘break’. I was off for two hours and did nothing, but sit and eat pizza toppings.So my daily goal today is to walk 8 laps around my neighborhood. It’s a little over 2 miles. All I need to do now is finish my homework so I can enjoy the outdoors. :)

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Day 2 - How tall are you? Do you like your height?

I am 5 foot 8.

I like my height just because it’s very average. I wouldn’t mind being a couple of inches taller, but that’s what heels are for. :)

Sorry for being a day late. I worked till midnight last night & didn’t get home until 2.


Night Before Day One

I am very anxious to see what will happen tomorrow. Will my will power be strong enough to prevent me from giving into the temptations? The only setback I have with starting this journey is working out. I absolutely hate it. This needs to change if I want to have a successful weight loss journey. After all the researching, it was quite obvious that I need to start off slow and steady. This applies to food intake, exercising, and overall attitude change. I need to first re-download my calorie-intake app and any kind of ‘quick’ workouts that I can do before and after class. My goal is to lower my food intake to 1200 calories& exercise 2 days a week for the first week (until Sept. 23th). I  will do weekly weigh-ins on Fridays. I will be weighed before work, but will not post the results until I get home; I normally work Friday mornings. Since, I have work in the AM I will leave you.

<3 AG